The Divergents

A collection of 2022 unique NFTs
hand-drawn by artist Marek Ehrenberger
initiating a web3 philanthropic community.

Next mint
May/June 2022
Price: 0.1 ETH

Divergent future pioneering

They are blooming, they are mindful, their point of view is distinctive and rather disruptive. Some of them are mesmerizing mystics and Gaia worshippers, others are digital mages lost in the metaverse. Sometimes they swallow magic mushrooms to break through the limits of their minds; at other times they just go with the flow – until they don’t. The Divergents are here to reconfigure the new world paradigm.

Recognising the overwhelming impact of humanity on the planet, we are responding to the challenges of universal responsibility and sustainability – each in a very individualistic way. We are The Divergents, 2022 unique characters divided into 10 tribes of different human mindsets. We welcome 2022 as a year of positive change. Let’s meet in the DAO to fund benefactory projects and govern the community treasury.

Why join the Divergents?

Each Divergent is a unique artwork hand-drawn by artist Marek Ehrenberger and stored as an ERC-721A token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It grants you one vote for governance in the DAO.


The Divergents are divided into 10 core human
mindsets. You can choose which character is
closest to your heart. Your choice defines the role
you will assume in the DAO.


There is a rumour of 22 special characters roaming
among the Divergents. This special character can
be claimed to our most passionate collectors.


The DAO treasury will receive 33% of the net proceeds from the public mint. With more to come from royalty fees and future NFT collections, it heralds a bright future for the DAO.


The Divergents welcome 2022 as a year of positive
change and a community-driven path. Nominate
your own cultural and benefactory projects in the
DAO to receive financial backing.


Season 2 of The Divergents will appear in Q3/2022.
Current NFT holders will have an opportunity to receive free NFTs, early access & other benefits to usher in the next wave of the movement.

The Divergents are ready to transform the NFT space, but also our precious planet. Be part of this fascinating social experiment, choose one of the 10 human mindsets closest to your heart and together, let’s divert!

& Oddities

2022 Divergents

unique personalities who divert Planet Earth

10 Characters

divided equally, so every tribe has 200 members

12 Backgrounds

distributed at random among all the characters to enhance rarity

13 Skin Hues

randomly applied to further boost rarity value

14 Edgy Extras

weird embellishments to accent certain characters’ oddity

3 DAO Stripes

distinctive ranking that grants certain privileges in the DAO

1 Secret Guru

currently hidden, these 22 Divergents will outstrip all NFT rarity ranks

10 Divergent characters

The Artist

Whether you are a visual artist, musician, filmmaker, or writer, you are the lightning rod through which the Universe expresses itself. Your contribution to the global village is invaluable.

The Animal Spirit

You understand that animals are a vital part of our ecosystem, and as such, need our protection. A vegan, vegetarian, wildlife conservationist or animal sanctuary carer, you are a voice to the voiceless.

The Digital Alchemist

In AI, AR, VR, 3D or gaming, you see the digital realm as the natural extension of you. By navigating the virtual world with an ease that borders on the visionary, you help make it functional and user-friendly.

The Environmentalist

You see our planet as a living, breathing organism, a biosphere perfectly attuned to maintaining life. You are passionate about sustainable development, biodiversity, and innovation to holistically reshape the future.

The Good Samaritan

You stand by the high principles of peace, justice and duty to your fellow man. You express yourself in acts of kindness, charity and philanthropy. You don’t explain your philosophy, you embody it.

The Equality Defender

You are a profound defender of human rights. You believe the ties that bind us are stronger than those which keep us apart. You call out sexism, racism, homophobia and gender-based discrimination wherever you find it.

The Mindful Master

You acknowledge your spiritual being, and look for transcendence in the everyday. You rely on self-awareness and intuition and you help others come back to themselves through meditation, centering and healing.

The Thinker

Your dynamic ideas are lending themselves seamlessly to the real world through politics and the social sciences. A philosopher at heart and teacher in spirit, your influence reaches far beyond the page or social media.

The Inventor

By thinking outside the box, you drive society forward in science and industry. By engineering a brighter, more efficient future, your revolutionary mechanistic notions move both minds and the wheels of progress.

The Entrepreneur

You are convinced that we can all do better - in business, finance and leadership. Your strategic skills make you a start-up pioneer, entrepreneur or corporate rule-breaker. You are a calculated risk-taker and disruptive thinker.

Road Map


Opening whitelist

Pre-sale for collectors who fulfill the conditions for securing their spot on the whitelist. Be creative and accomplish the whitelist tasks to win your spot, avoid gas wars, and have a chance to win a signed print by the artist. The first 100 collectors will be able to mint their NFT at a lower price.

25 %

Unique wooden Divergents

At this point, we will tweet about our 10 Divergent characters. All NFT holders may tag 10 other Twitter profiles in which they
recognize these mindsets. A raffle program will then pick 3 lucky winners of unique wooden artwork of your Divergent.

50 %

Physical signed prints

All of you who hold at least 2 Divergents will at this stage get a physical signed print of your preferred Divergent. We will reveal specific instructions on how to qualify for this special giveaway when the time is right.

75 %

11th character “NFT Guru”

There are 22 special Divergents, featuring an 11th character who will finally be revealed on our Twitter. The first 22 intrepid collectors who manage to collect all 10 Divergent characters will receive this NFT Guru! This persona will be given special rights in the DAO.

100 %

Meet & Greet at DAO

Let’s celebrate! We warmly welcome you to the first special event in the new DAO. From the Divergents who verify their NFT in our Discord within the first 48 hours after reaching a 100% mint, we will randomly select 3 who will be awarded with a further specially-reserved Divergent.

The divergents in 2022


First presale of The Divergents NFT collection.

Based on the roadmap 4 unique wooden artworks were gifted.

Preparation of a Divergent philanthropy initiative - voting and distribution of grants.


Full mint out of the NFT collection & DAO launch.

Preparation of physical merchandise of Divergent art.

Acquisitions of first assets for Divergent vault.

Voting & distribution of grants for community-led impact projects.


Anti-divergent gamified event, protect your Divergents from their dark alter egos.

Launch of the first project of Divergent labs.

Educational event with selected nonprofit professionals, first partnerships.

Voting & distribution of grants for community-led impact projects.


The Divergents Season 2 launch.

Opening an online shop with exclusive art & merchandise of Divergent art.

Launch of The Divergents social token DVRG.

Voting & distribution of grants for community-led impact projects.

NFT Minting

Public mint of
The Divergents in batches

The first batch of 500 NFTs
next phase of the public sale
May/JUNE 2022
Keep yourself in the loop
0.1 ETH


Visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and worked in studios in Zurich, Barcelona and New York. His distinctive style combines unbridled lines and shapes, textures and vibrant colours, often portraying prominent members of today’s ever-changing individualistic society. The collection of divergent personalities is based on this concept, but with a different narrative aspect and a distinctly original conclusion. The Divergents are a new generation: although individualistic, they utilize their unique skills for the Greater Good.



Idea maker. Curator. Copywriter. NFTense Co-Founder. Animal Spirit.


Serigraphy e-shop Founder.
Artist. Graphic Designer. NFTense Co-Founder.


Digital Entrepreneur. NFT analyst & investor. NFTense Co-Founder.


DeFi & NFT community master. Thinker. Founder of the first. Czech & Slovak NFT community.


Digital Marketer. Inventor. Twitter & Discord community builder.


Digital Alchemist. Backend / Smart contract programmer.


​​When is the Presale & Sale?

We set a symbolic presale sale date for those whitelisted for 2022-02-22. A public mint will take place approximately three days after presale. Explore the world of The Divergents on our Discord, join our community and take part in future giveaways of free NFTs, physical prints by the artist and more. Keep in mind that the first 100 members on the whitelist will be able to mint their Divergent at a reduced price.

Can I choose my Divergent?

During the minting process you can choose one of 10 characters closest to your heart. The Divergents are divided into 10 core human mindsets and your choice will later define the role you will assume in the DAO. In every tribe there are 200 unique Divergents and their rarity is determined by chance.

How to buy (mint) your Divergent?

The easiest way is to install the MetaMask wallet and the Chrome extension. Next you will need an account with one of the crypto exchanges e.g. Binance or Coinbase, where you need to deposit your money (fiat). After that, you need to convert the fiat to Ethereum (ETH) and send it to your wallet.You will find a detailed tutorial on our Discord.

How do I get on the whitelist?

You can get on the whitelist by fulfilling the conditions we announce in our Discord community. We will also drop more info soon on our Twitter. Follow us to get up-to-speed or better yet, join our Discord for hints on how to get on our whitelist ahead of anyone else.

When will the Divergents be revealed?

The Divergents NFTs will be revealed 24 hours after the public mint. Your minted Divergent will automatically be uncovered in your wallet on the OpenSea marketplace. You will also be able to see the rarity of your Divergent based on its Properties section.

How many Divergents are reserved for the project team?

Around 12 % of the Divergents NFTs will be reserved for the artist & project, as well as community giveaways, cooperation with other NFT projects and early DAO members.

Where can I get more information?

For the most up-to-date information you can follow us on our Twitter or look out for announcements in our community on Discord. You can also read more about what inspired The Divergents and our journey at our Medium profile. You can also always approach us directly with any questions on our Telegram.

What can I do with my Divergent NFT?

You can use your NFT as PFP (picture for proof and profile picture). By this, you manifest that you are not indifferent to the overwhelming impact of humanity on our planet and that you want to stand alongside other global Divergents to restore balance and assume a role in universal responsibility. To do so, we will unite our efforts in the DivergentDAO and make the first steps towards positive change. You will be a member of one of the 10 tribes of Divergents (based on 10 human mindsets) and be able to vote on the best initiatives to be funded. By holding one of the Divergents you will be able to take part in our Anti-Divergent gamified event, have a chance to receive a free NFT from our Season 2 launch and have early access to other benefits. We will also work on partnerships with other NFT projects and external companies to provide benefits for our Divergent community.

What is the DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a relatively new concept, inspired by the decentralization of cryptocurrencies. DAOs are transparent as their financial transactions are run on the blockchain. It's a revolutionary concept because it’s an innovative way to structure organizations to achieve a certain goal as an anonymous digital community. Each DAO member has the opportunity to participate in the process of decision making (governance). DivergentDAO is a one-of-a-kind social experiment, not only because it is based on 10 human mindsets, but also because part of our vision is to provide financial backing for projects that aim to create positive change on our planet. Within their tribe, members of DivergentDAO can initiate their own benefactory and cultural projects for both physical and digital communities. Our intention is to build DivergentDAO into a durable global platform that works with an altruistic community spirit. Find out more in the article “How will DivergentDAO use NFTs to initiate positive change from the bottom upor join our Discord channel to ask us directly.

What will happen if the collection is not minted out?

If the collection is not minted out, we will continue with our marketing initiatives, cooperation with other projects and follow our road map as planned to meet all the commitments. We will still welcome new Divergents, as it is a crucial part of the whole project and its destiny. The beginning of the Divergent movement may be gradual, but it is still significant.